Reliable Affordable Cap Hat Press for Printers Needing to Print on Caps

Reliable Affordable Cap Hat Press for Printers Needing to Print on Caps
Back when we bought a piece of used heat press equipment to get started doing orders in house, we never could have imagined how much local business we could pick up just for heat press work. Once I saw how much profit there was to be made screen printing tee shirts, we made a mad dash to grab heat transfer equipment and get rolling. What I didn't anticipate was that we would wind up getting just as much new work for transferring letters and numbers on hats as we did t-shirts.

Unfortunately for me in the early days when we had to watch every penny, the heat transfer equipment we bought could only handle t-shirts. So we would buy bulk lot shirts and quickly put bowling league names, softball team numbers, and even monogrammed golf shirts. The next thing we knew was these same customers were coming by and asking if we could apply numbers and names to caps too. So back to jobbing out the work to the local screen printer because I could not see us getting another piece of heat transfer equipment this early in the game. Little did I know that this ShareProfit heat press for hats would have made short work of all the cap printing orders we had coming our way.

You can usually find this cap heat press equipment for sale just about any month, and it will quickly become a valuable resource in any printing shop. Now you can add heat pressing caps to your ability to screen print custom shirts. We look back and wonder how much money we literally threw away instead of purchasing our own heat press for caps, embroidery machine, and screen printing presses. If you want to really be portrayed as a professional and deliver work faster than the places you were farming out the work, these affordable heat presses are certainly a necessity to your success in the printing world.

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