Highly Rated One Station Four Color Tee Shirt Screen Printing Press for Beginners

Highly Rated One Color Tee Shirt Screen Printing Press for Beginners
When we started our journey into printing on t-shirts, I was basically the middle man and traveling to local screen printers to have them do the work for me while I would just mark up the price and work off the profits. I realized quickly that the few hours it took to screen print some color tee shirts was literally the majority of the sale. So rather than allow the screen printer to make 70% and me barely scraps, I went on the hunt for my first screen printing press.

This is the exact screen printing machine I used to get our business off the ground and perfect for printing bulk lot shirts. I watched a ton of printing videos and waited for the UPS driver to drop off the equipment.

When the printing press arrived, I had it up and running that evening. The only thing I needed to do was buy plain t shirts online. While I was learning how to screen print, I have to admit that in my haste I made a ton of mistakes early on. But this little printing press never let me down. I received an order for 36 two-color t-shirts for the local church and decided I would do all the printing this time.

The machine does all the work, it just took me a while to get the mechanics down and then I was literally running off a dozen shirts in the blink of an eye. If you are still looking for the best place to buy plain t shirts online, give these guys a try searching here:
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When all was said and done, we made a huge profit on that order. It took me about three tee shirt custom orders to actually pay for this screen printing machine. Once we had the cost covered, we really began to crank things up. We used this screen printing press to make concert tees for a local band playing at the Stone Pony is Asbury Park New Jersey, reunion shirts for a local church group, and even truck show tees for a monster truck show held at the beach.

If you are new to screen printing, you can not go wrong with this screen printing piece of equipment. Rather than get a used screen printing press, invest the money now and you will be making pure profits in a few months.


  1. We are just getting started on the bank circuit and looking to save every penny we can. I literally have zero experience with screen printing. Does this printing press come with detailed instructions for beginners? I don't want to get in over my head and wind up havin a huge paper weight in our living room.

  2. I was completely green when I grabbed this press. If I could do it then anyone can. It does come with detailed instructions but what I would do is just prop up my laptop near the press and watch YouTube videos on how to screen print or the video about this particular screen printing machine. After you make a few, you will be a pro.

  3. Appreciate the reply Cameron, I went ahead and bought the press. I will check back and let you know how things worked out after I get up and running.

  4. We started with the one station screen printing press and it really does great work, but we needed to up our game and this f color printing press is all that!