How to Do Screen Printing with this Simple Table Top Printing Kit for Beginners

How to Do Screen Printing with this Simple Table Top Printing Kit for Beginners
When I first started in this business years ago, my first question was how to do screen printing without any experience with this type equipment. I was already bringing all my orders to a local screen printer who was giving me a great price, but I knew he was still marking up the price of the screens and cost per color. So when I would pick up an order for 50 white tee with a couple colors, I was charging my customer with the screens $400 for the job. The local printer was killing me for $325, so even though I did nothing but deliver the shirts, I was sick that I made only $75 while I knew the profit on this order was huge.

I know that you can buy bulk lot shirts on Amazon for a few dollars a piece, so the tees were around $100 and the rest was profit for an hours work. I knew each time I paid him for the screen printing orders that I needed to get my hands on that profit. I read a book on how to screen print cheap at home and even watched some videos, and knew I could make this work. This table top screen printing kit is ideal for beginners because it has everything you will need to make some printed tees and get experience working with the ink and screens. I have to tell you, I wish I didn't wait and jumped on this earlier.

Everything a beginner will need to do screen printing at home is in this box. Imagine if you have a band, family reunion, or bowling league, now you can print out the shirts on your own and save a fortune. Once you get more comfortable, you can ramp up production and start shopping for a multi-station full service screen printing press. With this box of supplies, you literally have everything you will need to make your own screen print t shirt at home.

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  1. Get this screen printing kit even if you have zero experience. With the instructions and YouTube videos, you'll wonder why you waited to print tee shirts at home!