Cheap Bulk Lot Shirts for Screen Printing at Below Wholesale Pricing

Cheap Bulk Lot Shirts

Pretty early in the game I knew that I wanted to screen print custom shirts myself rather than bring them to an outside source. We were just doing standing flat printing like business cards, envelopes, and stationary, but the demand for screen printed shirts was growing. I knew that when I was being charged $6 a shirt including printing that the money had to be in the shirts. Little did I know how cheap it was to buy bulk lot shirts until I found them on Amazon.

Once I found out that you could buy bulk blank tees on Amazon, I knew I had the formula for success. Some of these blank t-shirts sell for a buck a piece, so add another buck for the printing and you sell them for $10 and make a killing. The key is getting your tee shirts at the lowest possible price, and wholesale manufactures want you to buy dozens of their tee shirts at a time. Now you have the ability to buy the shirts by the piece. I remember the first order I really made a huge profit when when a local church group needed screen printed tees for a family reunion. They needed one color tees with one color ink, but the sizes ranged from toddler to adult 4XL. Luckily I was able to buy every color tee I needed by the piece and charged around $10 per shirt.

Back then I remember thinking that screen printing diy is the only way to go. The customer was thrilled to spend around $400 because everyone was chipping in for the color printed t-shirts. My net was under $100 and I think I had them all printed in an hour tops. I remember pocketing a few hundred dollars and thinking this was the greatest kept secret in the printing world. I was buying these Gildan 100% cotton tees for around a dollar a piece, and they are exceptional quality too. I don't think in all the years we have been doing this I ever got a single complaint about the quality of a Gildan tee.

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