Highly Rated Embroidery Machine for People Selling Printed Apparel

Highly Rated Embroidery Machine for People Selling Printed Apparel
The funny think about running your own screen printing business is as soon as you start increasing sales and making new customers, you realize it is tome to expand already. It wasn't long after I had learned to screen printing t shirts that a customer asked me if we could embroidery too. I remember that one reason I loved embroidery is because the image or text would last as long as the item they were sewn onto. It was a simple decision for me to start embroidering apparel.

So when you just get your feet wet using your new t shirt making kit, the move to embroidery seems like night and day. I didn't know the first thing about embroidery work, but being in business I did know about which manufacturers I could trust and which I would avoid. It was a no-brainer for me, Brother is one of those companies I would buy just about any product from. This inexpensive embroidery machine was not only highly rated, it was their best seller. So I made the purchase and decided to try my hands at it.

Again, when it comes to any print or embroidery work, you need to buy bulk to get the absolute lowest prices. We buy our baseball caps from Amazon, spent around $4 each for 50 high quality caps. This particular embroidery machine was simple to get used to working, and I only made one mistake. It seemed right after I asked how to do screen printing, I was already moved on and learned embroidery.

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