Using a One Station Printing Press to Grow a Screen Printing Business

Using a One Station Printing Press to Grow a Screen Printing Business
I remember when we invested in this screen printing machine that I was concerned we would outgrow it very quickly. I have seen some orders in the past for multi-color and knew we were going to be getting bigger order rapidly. Once we learned how to do screen printing, we jumped in quick with this machine and hit the ground running. I get asked quite often by beginners in the screen printing world is this machine capable of getting them into the money. My short answer is always yes, but here is a little more about why it is such a great machine.

Whenever I am asked how to screen press t shirts, my answer is always start with a smaller press so you can get a feel for the industry without sinking a fortune in equipment. As far as this printing press, we had a dozen jobs lined up and got right too it. We had a huge job for a local church, a car show, and a small up and coming band. The shirts were all different, but the quality of the imprint was stellar. We began using the job daily, and each time we delivered the work we heard nothing but high praises. I started with this machine and years later I was still using it to do one-color bowling league tees, high-school sweatshirts, and county fare event shirts. It was a real workhorse for us and today it still works effectively.

Whether you are screen printing at home or using this machine as a back-up to your bigger equipment, you will certainly get the job done effectively. We always tell new printers to this industry the same thing, get a reliable printing machine and then buy bulk lot shirts from a source. The cost per tee and the price per ink job will allow you to make a huge profit per order. You can easily grow your printing business by starting with a little one station printing press like this one.

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