Simple Screen Printing Press Allow You to Do Screen Printing on T Shirts at Home

Simple Screen Printing Press Allow You to Do Screen Printing on T Shirts at Home
Early in our screen printing career, we didn't have too many people guiding us as to which piece of equipment we should try and which we should avoid. The first thing we did was buy the screen printing kit for beginners, and it really did help me to get my feet wet and better understand the entire process of pushing it through those mesh screens. When you are first getting starting in this business you need to watch your pennies at every chance you can.

On next step up from the beginners printing kit was the VEVOR one station screen printing machine. This little printing press is a real champion when you have one color jobs you want to crank out. We were just starting to get orders for a local ladies gym who were ordering custom t-shirts, sweatshirts, baby doll tees, and jackets, all with the same hot pink ink. We would load up the ink and set the screen, and crank out hundreds of tee shirts in a day for them. These tees were used as giveaways for ongoing promotions, so they kept us very busy and this little screen printing machine never let us down.

If you have been asking yourself how to do screen printing on t shirts at home, all you need to do is grab this little press and some bulk lot shirts to start. We moved on a while ago to much larger printing presses that allow us to ramp up production, but we still use this little printing press when we get small order for one color that need to be done in a timely manner. This way we are not disrupting the other machines and can deliver the work in record time for our customers. Th other advantage to using this printing machine is that you can do more than custom print t-shirts, it can easily print on a pillowcase, poster, or blank bags.

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