How We Increased Sales in Our Printshop with Cap Heat Press Equipment

How We Increased Sales in Our Printshop with Cap Heat Press Equipment
When you make the decision to start ramping up production in your print shop, one thing that you are going to experience is a rush in variety of items getting printed. We were just asking local professionals how to do screen printing, and now we were buying even more used heat press equipment. We were already screen printing and making heat transfers on tee shirts, but we were getting request after request to make caps. This was a machine we picked up used and it was build to last. This is just another piece in the puzzle in your pursuit to dominate this incredibly profitable niche.

So of course after getting a dozen requests to heat transfer caps, we went out and found this ShareProfit cap heat press. In addition to doing hats, this amazing press can do heat transfers on t-shirts and mugs too. If you are a beginner to screen printing, this is the perfect diy heat press printing kit to get you well on your way. The machine is both durable and versatile, allowing you to handle a variety of different products all with one machine.

The reason we bought this heat transfer equipment was to simply do caps for our regular customers, but we have gotten so much more out of the unit to date.
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So look at it this way, this little machine is more than a t shirt screen printing kit, it will do caps, hats, mugs, and get you well on your way to gaining the experience to really grow your own little business.

We here all the time people ask us how to start screen printing t shirts.

My answer is get a versatile piece of heat transfer equipment like this so you can try your hand at printing a few different things to gain experience and see how the process works.

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