How to Screen Print Cheap Means Buying Bulk Lot Shirts

How to Screen Print Cheap Means Buying Bulk Lot Shirts
There isn't a day that passes where a new screen printer doesn't ask me what the secret to making money in this business would be. There are so many top quality screen printing presses, embroidery machines, and heat press to choose from, but if you are not buying your blank shirts in bulk, you might as well job out all the work because you are losing money.

One day I received a call from one new screen printer I was helping and they told me that they decided that it would be easier and cheaper to just buy bulk blank t-shirts from the local Walmart. They went on to tell me that not only were the shirts under $2 a piece, they could pick them up same day and didn't have to pay for shipping. I went on to tell them that even though you found blank tee shirts cheap, you are going to pay for quality and your time driving and shopping in the store. Those tees from Walmart are not screen printing quality, and will either shrink after one wash or fall apart after two washes. I asked, "Is that how you want to represent your screen printing company?"

My response is always the same with anyone looking to break into the screen printing or apparel design world, but the bulk lot shirts online from a reputable source. We choose this reliable bulk shirts supplier because they have multiple locations across the county so you get your apparel in a couple days. We choose this supplier because they have been selling top-quality blank shirts since 1999, and they are still in business providing us printers with free shipping. Walmart, Target, and K-Mart sell tees by the bag, so you are locked into what they sell. When you buy bulk lot shirts, you get to mix sizes, colors, and even brands. The choice for us is simple.

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