Buy Bulk Ringer T-Shirts for Screen Printing and Embroidery

Buy Bulk Ringer T-Shirts for Screen Printing and Embroidery
Buy Bulk Ringer T-Shirts for Screen Printing 
When you are looking to buy bulk ringer t-shirts for screen printing, you do not want to have to buy all of the same colors or sizes. The key to making the biggest profits when it comes time to see your bulk apparel is to be able to get all the sizes and colors in one lot of bulk ringer t-shirts. The majority of bulk apparel wholesalers will lock you into getting all the same sizes or colors in a bulk lot, so it really pays to look for a company that will cater to your needs and not their own.

Think about the places selling bulk ringer t-shirts on the internet today!

If you think that you are getting the best deals at Amazon or eBay for blank bulk shirts, you are being distracted by smoke and mirrors. When it comes to buying bulk ringer t-shirts, what happens on these two popular online sites is they lure in screen printers and crafters by telling them regardless how big the order of blank apparel, the entire order will ship for free. Now for the unsuspecting screen printer or group of guys printing band shirts, this sounds like the deal of the century.

This is certainly not as good a deal as you might suspect, let us look deeper!

So let us assume that you can buy bulk ringer t-shirts for screen printing on Amazon or eBay for under $10 a piece. Now considering your costs and the fact you can get $20 or more for the printed shirt, you definitely have some room to work with. That free shipping deal still sounds pretty awesome right about now. That is exactly why Amazon continues to be one of the top selling markets online. Had you taken the time to look at a true bulk ringer t-shirts wholesale supply warehouse, you would find that in addition to getting the free shipping, you could get the same shirts for under $7 a piece.
Buy Bulk Ringer T-Shirts for Screen Printing and Embroidery
Bulk Ringer T-Shirts for Embroidery

So do the math on 100 bulk ringer t-shirts. On eBay or Amazon you got free shipping but paid $10 per shirt. The same deal from the bulk shirts supplier cost you $7 per shirt. That was $300 you just tossed away because you assumed that Amazon and eBay have your best interest at heart. Now you see why they lure you in with the free shipping deals? They are making a small fortune on every single bulk ringer t-shirts order they process.

The other thing to consider in with eBay especially, that lot of 100 bulk ringer t-shirts might be all red/white tees, or they may all be large and XL. So what happens when you need a half dozen small, and XXXL too? The shirt wholesaler will allow you to mix both adult and youth too. If you are making and selling apparel after screen printing, you have to take care of your pennies so the dollars take care of you.

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