Shopping for the Best Deals When You Need to Buy Bulk Ringer T-Shirts for Crafting

Shopping for the Best Deals When You Need to Buy Bulk Ringer T-Shirts for Crafting
Buy Bulk Ringer T-Shirts for Crafting
If you are looking to buy bulk ringer t-shirts, take some time to read the following information so that you get the best deal for the apparel you need.

Not all blank baseball shirts wholesale suppliers are the same, so while on the surface it might appear you are getting a great deal on bulk ringer tees, that free shipping deal might not be all that it is cracked up to be.

Let's look at bulk ringer t-shirts sellers on Amazon.

On Amazon, as a member you get free two day air shipping, that is of course considered you pay them $80 a year for that free privilege. So what happens on Amazon if you want to buy 100 bulk ringer t-shirts instead of the 12 wholesale blank t shirts they are selling? Oh well, no extra discounts for you. On this site, the price is what it is, no negotiating or bulk discount pricing.

Now we compare to eBay for bulk ringer tees.

On any given day you have a few hundred so-called ringer tee wholesale suppliers trying to cut each others throats by offering the best deal. They can only go so low before they are losing money, so these seller simply jack up the pricing and throw free shipping in the deal. Now most shoppers who hit Amazon or eBay are looking for free shipping deals because that is what made this sight popular years ago, so buyers are conditioned to think free shipping means a great deal on blank t shirts for printing.

Take a closer look however at this deal, and once you strip away the free shipping, you see exactly what type of bulk ringer t-shirts sale you are getting. If the seller is offering free shipping, they have to pay for that shipping out of pocket so they make up the rest of the money raising the per piece prices. But what happens when you want to buy more than the bulk lot shirts offer is for?

Shopping for the Best Deals When You Need to Buy Bulk Ringer T-Shirts for Crafting
Bulk Ringer T-Shirts
The seller is in a real pickle now, so they can not afford to drop the price per shirt because they have no margin left to work with. That deal for $1 white t shirts was dependent on your paying the freight, but now that they offer the free shipping they can no longer sell bulk ringer t-shirts cheap.

Now compare that to bulk shirt wholesalers. You buy 72 wholesale blank t shirts and enjoy free shipping. But here is where the difference lies, if you want to order 100 or 144 bulk ringer t-shirts, you still get free shipping but the price per piece continues to drop as you add more pieces to your cart. Add into the mix these companies have been selling blank baseball shirts wholesale for over two decades, and you get the added bonus of a seller you can trust when your hard-earned cash is at stake.

Whether you need bulk ringer t-shirts for screen printing, cheap raglan shirts for embroidery, or high quality blank t shirts for crafting, these are two wholesale websites that will treat you well. With apparel printing, every penny counts because you make a mistake on one shirt and you eat that money, so watch your pennies and your dollars will take care of themselves.

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