Buying Cotton Tote Bags Wholesale for Crafting and Screen Printing

Buying Cotton Tote Bags Wholesale for Crafting and Screen Printing
Buying Cotton Tote Bags Wholesale for Crafting
Do you need to  buy bulk plain tote bags for printing?

The reasons for bulk plain tote bags at wholesale are numerous. Taking the time to ensure you are buying the absolute best products takes a little bit of time, but the following information should help you to make the right purchase for the absolute lowest amount of money.

When it comes to buying bulk tote bags, you want more than just the items, you want to know you are working with a heavy duty canvas tote bags wholesale supplier who has your back and is invested in your ultimate success.

The first thing to consider when looking for cotton tote bags wholesale is the price of course. It doesn't make much sense to pay more for something that you could get elsewhere for significantly lower. Let us compare some heavy duty canvas tote bags wholesale suppliers and show you how prices can vary.

So you head to eBay or Amazon to buy blank canvas tote bags and you find that they have a pretty decent deal for around $3 per tote bag. Regardless if shipping is free or not, you buy one or one hundred bulk plain tote bags and pay the same price of $3 per bag. While these companies many claim to be a tote bag factory, the fact they can't drop the price as you buy more tells you quite a lot.

Contrast that with heavy duty canvas tote bags wholesale suppliers carry and you see very quickly where the difference lies. Now you are buying the same bulk plain tote bags, the same item number, the same brand, but the only difference is when you buy more you are going to save more.

Buying Cotton Tote Bags Wholesale for Crafting and Screen Printing
Tote Bags Wholesale for Screen Printing
While a dozen cheap cute tote bags runs your $36, or $3 a piece, when you buy 50 bags, the price drops to $2.50 a piece for the same bag. The more you buy, the lower the price, and these two bulk tote bag suppliers offer free shipping too.

Other things to consider when looking for blank canvas tote bags is experience. When you buy these bulk plain tote bags, you want to be assured that you are going to get the items in a timely manner, that they will be shipped securely, and that if you have any issues someone will be able to help you in a pinch. In you run into trouble with a sale on Amazon, first you call Amazon support, they relay the message to the heavy duty canvas tote bags wholesale seller, then the seller gets back to you in a few days or relays a message back to Amazon.

Is that giving you any confidence they will be there in a crunch?  Call customer service 24 hours a day and any issues are fixed immediately.

Getting back to buying from Amazon or eBay or other supposed tote bag distributors, you have to consider something when you are buying custom lots. With these sites you have to order individually, one color or style at a time, while still paying the same price with no discount. We go back to Amazon and you can see that within a bulk lot of totes, you can mix the colors any way and still enjoy the discounted prices.

It doesn't matter if you are using the cheap blank tote bags for crafting, fabric painting, screen printing, or to use as they are, quality, cost, and variety are key.

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