Screen Printing and Crafting Bulk Long Sleeve Shirts at Wholesale

Screen Printing and Crafting Bulk Long Sleeve Shirts at Wholesale
Bulk Long Sleeve Shirts at Wholesale
It doesn't matter if you are fabric painting on a dozen bulk long sleeve shirts, doing embroidery on wholesale long sleeve t shirts with pocket, or screen printing 1,000 plain long sleeve t shirts, it is vital you buy blanks of top quality, with low pricing, and free shipping. When you can buy all your printing supplies this way, then you can focus on your craft and leave the grunt work to the experts.

So how can you find a source when you want to buy bulk long sleeve shirts of good quality at the lowest prices.

Start by looking at the years the plain long sleeve t shirts supplier has been in business. If you go to eBay or Amazon, just because the seller has been on the site for 5 years does not mean they have been selling long sleeve shirts for men for that time. With a creative user name, the same seller could have started selling sports memorabilia, and moved into bulk blank shirts this year when they found a source at the local flea market.

So you are looking to bulk long sleeve shirts and are having trouble finding a true wholesale distributor of bulk shirts. You definitely are not alone because in recent years it seems that just about everybody is selling bulk lot shirts and claiming to be a wholesale distributor. If you are searching for the cheapest long sleeve t shirts, then be prepared that the quality may suffer even though you are getting a good price.

Doesn't make sense to spend anything on cheap long sleeve t shirts when they shrink after a single wash and all your hard work is gone.
Screen Printing and Crafting Bulk Long Sleeve Shirts at Wholesale
Screen Printing Bulk Long Sleeve Shirts

So even though the seller has years under that user name, they may be getting inferior supplies and passing them off as quality name brand goods. Now compare that to a true bulk long sleeve shirts distributor. These companies have been selling wholesale bulk lot shirts for almost two decades, and they only move name brand apparel. These companies rely on repeat business to keep them running, and if after 19 years they seem to know what they are doing when it comes to supplying screen printers and embroiders with blank stock.

Another advantage to working with a bulk shirt wholesaler, you have a simple process for mixing colors and sizes within any lot. This means if you have to do printing for a family reunion, you can easily order bulk long sleeve shirts for toddlers, kids, adults, and even those guys who are needing shirts in the XXL, 4XL, or 6XL range.

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