Monday, August 22, 2016

How We Increased Sales in Our Printshop with Cap Heat Press Equipment
When you make the decision to start ramping up production in your print shop, one thing that you are going to experience is a rush in variety of items getting printed. We were just asking local professionals how to do screen printing, and now we were buying even more used heat press equipment. We were already screen printing and making heat transfers on tee shirts, but we were getting request after request to make caps. This was a machine we picked up used and it was build to last. This is just another piece in the puzzle in your pursuit to dominate this incredibly profitable niche.

So of course after getting a dozen requests to heat transfer caps, we went out and found this ShareProfit cap heat press. In addition to doing hats, this amazing press can do heat transfers on t-shirts and mugs too. If you are a beginner to screen printing, this is the perfect diy heat press printing kit to get you well on your way. The machine is both durable and versatile, allowing you to handle a variety of different products all with one machine. The reason we bought this heat transfer equipment was to simply do caps for our regular customers, but we have gotten so much more out of the unit to date.

So look at it this way, this little machine is more than a t shirt screen printing kit, it will do caps, hats, mugs, and get you well on your way to gaining the experience to really grow your own little business. We here all the time people ask us how to start screen printing t shirts. My answer is get a versatile piece of heat transfer equipment like this so you can try your hand at printing a few different things to gain experience and see how the process works.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

How to Screen Print Cheap Means Buying Bulk Lot Shirts
There isn't a day that passes where a new screen printer doesn't ask me what the secret to making money in this business would be. There are so many top quality screen printing presses, embroidery machines, and heat press to choose from, but if you are not buying your blank shirts in bulk, you might as well job out all the work because you are losing money.

One day I received a call from one new screen printer I was helping and they told me that they decided that it would be easier and cheaper to just buy bulk blank t-shirts from the local Walmart. They went on to tell me that not only were the shirts under $2 a piece, they could pick them up same day and didn't have to pay for shipping. I went on to tell them that even though you found blank tee shirts cheap, you are going to pay for quality and your time driving and shopping in the store. Those tees from Walmart are not screen printing quality, and will either shrink after one wash or fall apart after two washes. I asked, "Is that how you want to represent your screen printing company?"

My response is always the same with anyone looking to break into the screen printing or apparel design world, but the bulk lot shirts online from a reputable source. We choose this reliable bulk shirts supplier because they have multiple locations across the county so you get your apparel in a couple days. We choose this supplier because they have been selling top-quality blank shirts since 1999, and they are still in business providing us printers with free shipping. Walmart, Target, and K-Mart sell tees by the bag, so you are locked into what they sell. When you buy bulk lot shirts, you get to mix sizes, colors, and even brands. The choice for us is simple.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

How to Screen Press T Shirts like a Professional Screen Printing Shop
When it comes to making your own screen print t shirts, one of the things that we learned very early in the game is that the quality of your printing press is everything. This is not the time to buy a used or cheap piece of printing equipment because the end result on your apparel will be inferior at best. Once I decided to stop using the local screen printer to handle our work, we decided to see how difficult the process would be buying the t shirt making kit. Once we realized that this might be something that we could really ramp up, we naturally moved into a bigger set-up and went ahead and got the screen printing kit with the 4 color 1 station screen press for beginners. This was the purchase that really launched our efforts in printing.

It doesn't matter how great you are printing or how good the printing press you eventually buy, if you are not buying blank shirts in bulk, then you are simply letting all your profits just leak out of your business. We utilized this source to buy all our bulk lot shirts because they offered free shipping on blank apparel and their warehouse was in out state. Quality blank shirts and fast delivery times are key when you get those rush orders from clients who have to get their stuff by yesterday or they are not happy.

If you are just getting your feet wet in the screen printing world, this beginners screen press and supplies is a great way to really get yourself in the right direction right out of the gates. Combine this with a source for bulk lot shirts, and you are well on your way to making serious money in a business that has a never-ending source of clients around every corner. Whether it is the local VFW needing pig roast t-shirts, the Boy Scouts needing Pinewood Derby tees, or a local church wanting to print shirts for a fundraiser, you have everything in this screen printing kit for beginners.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Simple Screen Printing Press Allow You to Do Screen Printing on T Shirts at Home
Early in our screen printing career, we didn't have too many people guiding us as to which piece of equipment we should try and which we should avoid. The first thing we did was buy the screen printing kit for beginners, and it really did help me to get my feet wet and better understand the entire process of pushing it through those mesh screens. When you are first getting starting in this business you need to watch your pennies at every chance you can.

On next step up from the beginners printing kit was the VEVOR one station screen printing machine. This little printing press is a real champion when you have one color jobs you want to crank out. We were just starting to get orders for a local ladies gym who were ordering custom t-shirts, sweatshirts, baby doll tees, and jackets, all with the same hot pink ink. We would load up the ink and set the screen, and crank out hundreds of tee shirts in a day for them. These tees were used as giveaways for ongoing promotions, so they kept us very busy and this little screen printing machine never let us down.

If you have been asking yourself how to do screen printing on t shirts at home, all you need to do is grab this little press and some bulk lot shirts to start. We moved on a while ago to much larger printing presses that allow us to ramp up production, but we still use this little printing press when we get small order for one color that need to be done in a timely manner. This way we are not disrupting the other machines and can deliver the work in record time for our customers. Th other advantage to using this printing machine is that you can do more than custom print t-shirts, it can easily print on a pillowcase, poster, or blank bags.